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Survey - "Yes" 

• Have you taken the time to deal with the grief regardless of it was recent or a long time ago?
• Have you spent time distracting yourself, so you don’t feel sad?
• Were you taught any of these six ways to deal with grief?

Don't feel bad or Don't cry

Replace the loss

Grieve alone -- Don't bother other people

Give it time to heal -- It will go away eventually

Be strong for others

Keep busy

• How often do you lie with “I’m fine” when people ask how you are doing?
• Do you believe grief can result from experiences other than death of a loved one?
• Do you believe grievers must go through certain stages?
• Do you have any current relationships that may be suffering because of previous ones?
• Have you experienced ANY of the following losses?

Death of someone close to you

Death of a former spouse

Death of a pet

End of Addictions

Change in Finances

Change in Health

Legal Issues

Separation or Divorce

Job Loss


Empty Nest

Separation or Divorce



Loss of Trust

Loss of Safety

Loss of Self-Value

Loss of Faith

• Do you still need to deal with unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations or wish things had been different, better, or more in a relationship or familiar pattern of behavior?
• Do you believe you can feel better instead of packing away the hurt?
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