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Survey - "No" 

• What is the main reasons you don’t believe you have experienced grief?
• Do you believe grief is possible if no one has died?
• Do you believe grievers must go through certain stages?
• Were you taught any of these six ways to deal with grief?

Don't feel bad or Don't cry

Replace the loss

Grieve alone -- Don't bother other people

Give it time to heal -- It will go away eventually

Be strong for others

Keep busy

• Are you experiencing any of the following?

Reduced concentration

A sense of numbness

disrupted sleep patterns

changed eating habits

roller coaster of emotional energy

• Have you done things to distract yourself from feeling sad?
• Do you have any current relationships that may be suffering because of emotional pain from previous ones?
• Have you experiencing any of the following losses?

Death of someone close to you

Death of a former spouse

Death of a pet

End of Addictions

Change in Finances

Change in Health

Legal Issues

Separation or Divorce

Job Loss



Empty Nest



Loss of Trust

Loss of Safety

Loss of Self-Value

Loss of Faith

• Do you still need to deal with unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations or wish things had been different, better, or more in a relationship or familiar pattern of behavior?
• Would you like to know how you can feel better by healing the emotional pain instead of packing away the pain?
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