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Is this surprising?

Please understand that grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss. We define grief as the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.


  • Have you taken actions to deal with the grief?

    • It’s never too soon to deal with grief. While talking about the grief is helpful but additional, deliberate actions need to be taken to help complete recovery from the pain.

  • Have you spent time distracting yourself, so you don’t feel sad?

    • Distractions are just that distractions. They do not help to relieve the emotional pain.

  • Were you taught any of these six ways to deal with grief?

    • These six ways to deal with grief are myths people were taught by family and by society of how to deal with grief

  • How often do you lie with “I’m fine” when people ask how you are doing?

    • Tell the truth about yourself all of the time. Masking your emotional pain does not serve anyone well. You don’t need to tell everyone everything, but do not lie about how you feel.

  • Do you believe grief can result from experiences other than death of a loved one?

    • There are over 40 types of losses from which grief can be experienced. The GRM can help complete the grief with all of them.

  • Do you believe grievers must go through certain stages?

    • The Five Stages of Grief written by Kubler-Ross resulted from a study focusing on people who were dying. It was not intended to apply to people who were not dying but experiencing grief.

  • Do you have any current relationships that may be suffering because of previous ones?

    • An incomplete past may doom the future

  • Have you experienced ANY of these losses?

    • Death and divorce are obvious, but other loss experiences have been identified to produce conflicting feelings of freedom and fear. Often these are not seen as grieving events, but they register in our hearts as emotional losses we pack away. 

  • Do you still need to deal with unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations or wish things had been different, better, or more in a relationship or familiar pattern of behavior?

    • Grief occurs when a relationship or familiar pattern of behavior ends incompletely and there are undelivered communications of an emotional nature

  • Do you believe you can feel better instead of packing away the hurt?

    • The Grief Recovery Method was created to enable people to complete the emotional relationship to the pain of the death of a loved one AND ANY OTHER LOSS.

Would you like to experience the Grief Recovery Method and begin feeling better & healing what you may have been hiding?

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