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Life Coaching

Re-GAIN your balance

Re-FRAME a path forward

Re-POSITION yourself to positively and productively move into a life that includes PEACE & JOY

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. A life coach helps guide clients to reach their ultimate goals.  Coaches help their clients build and utilize the right tools to reach their goals but don’t (and shouldn’t) offer clinical mental health care. 


Better self-confidence

A growth midset

Improved self-awareness

Improved relationships and communication skills

Better clarity and purpose

improved overall well-being

Lower stress levels (and better resiliency)

What does
Dr. Alette offer through
Life Coaching?

As a Re-Orientation Coach, I specialize in helping women re-gain, re-frame, and re-position themselves following recovery from loss.

When people experience loss and/or grief, their worlds can get rocked, and they may emotionally lose balance.  They struggle to gain footing not sure how to move forward or resign themselves to settle into the ensuing fog and get stuck.


As a Re-Orientation Coach, I can guide women to regain their balance, reframe a path that leads out of the fog, and reposition themselves to positively and productively move forward into a life that includes joy. 

The road to that level of freedom may not be easy or quick, but it will certainly be rewarding and help lead to living a more peaceful and content life. 

It's recommended to begin THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD before beginning LIFE COACHING. 

CLICK HERE for more information about Grief Recovery.


Karen Demma, PA

"Dr. Alette creates a 'workable' plan. She doesn't ask anyone to do something they do not have the knowledge or ability to do.  Dr. Alette asks for accountability and commitment to 'work the plan'."

How do I know if Life Coaching will work for me?

If you would like to learn more about how life coaching can benefit you, sign up for a FREE 15-minute consultation. 

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