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Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, GRI

Certified Life Coach, CTACC

Re-Orientation Coach


Greetings! My name is Dr. Alette Stevens

I’m an educator, a widow, a two-time divorcee, and a child of divorce. Throughout my life, I have experienced many types of losses: tangible and intangible ones. The most emotionally devastating loss was the passing of my last husband of only seven years, which immediately left me feeling devastated, alone, and disoriented.


Also, I had two previous divorces from which I felt relief but also betrayal. In my career, I found myself no longer able to be employed in the only career I had for 24 years simply because of bureaucratic decisions and no fault of my own.


The most impactful loss was my parents' divorce when I was an infant which inspired the self-blaming narrative I created as a child. Subsequently, I wrestled with feelings of abandonment and rejection for most of my life which surfaced as people pleasing and perfectionism.  

The Grief Recovery Method enabled me to reconcile my present by healing my past through completing the painful relationships and losses. I was able to stop focusing on what could be and what should have been, so I could see more clearly what is and allow what can be.


The Grief Recovery Method provides tools I can take into the future to mitigate the effects of future losses, which I know are inevitable as long as I am breathing. I don’t have to be so anxious about how I will handle those losses without my husband to hold my hand because I have the Grief Recovery Method to help the effects of the losses not get deeply rooted.


I truly look forward to assisting you or anyone you know seeking relief from their grief and losses. 

I founded GRIT·TY Loss & Growth to provide to other women what I could not find for myself after the loss of my husband -- a resource to help women regain their balance, reframe a path forward, and reposition themselves to positively and productively move forward into a life that includes peace & joy.


GRIT·TY is an acronym for Graced & Resolute In Trust to Transform Yourself. Trust what? First, trust the process of Grief Recovery. Yes, you can recover from grief. After that, trust God during the process of Life Coaching to help design the path forward which includes peace & joy. 

When we transform ourselves, we transform our future from the gloom it could have been to the brightness it can be. 

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