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until you know... BUT

Please KNOW that it's NOT too late

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Do you relate to any of these?


Heartbroken because of a loss of a person or a pet...

Hiding or denying some pain because you are expected to be "strong"...

Comparing your pain and deciding (or told) yours "isn't that bad"... 


Do you care for a child or children who have experienced divorce, loss of pets,

loss of grandparents, or the multiple losses from moving, abuse or neglect...


You don't have to keep managing the sadness. 

You CAN feel happiness and joy again.

This is not counseling or therapy.  

We teach a different set of tools... an evidence-based action plan to empower you and/or the child in your care to move forward. 

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can help you 

Transform your Pain into Progress

Your Opinion Counts

What do you believe about grief?

Help us stay current about common beliefs around grief in society today. 



has experienced emotional pain during their life... beginning in childhood

Most people

have closed off a portion (or portions) of their heart to avoid dealing with the unresolved emotional pain

Few people

opt for completion and recovery from the emotional pain instead of isolation and avoidance

No one

will have a happy and fulfilled present and future while carrying the emotional pain from an incomplete past


can change your future by healing your past

Sad Portrait

You may not realize...

... there are over 40 life events and changes, besides death, that can lead to grief, including:

job stress and job changes

stage of life changes

relationship changes

financial changes

health changes

pet loss

as well as...


...Intangible Losses

such as: 

 loss of trust, 

loss of faith or hope,

loss of safety


ANY and ALL unmet hopes, dreams & expectations,

and unresolved pain

You don't have to settle for managing your losses, grief, and sadness.

What is GR
Sad on Couch

What is

One of the most misunderstood subjects in our society today is that of grief, which includes loss and sadness.


Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss.


Yet, often we do not learn the tools we need to process our grief and sadness to lead a life that is in the present.


The Grief Recovery Method provides the tools we need to allow healing. 

There are many types of loss that we can incur in our lifetime that create grief and sadness. These include death, divorce, and many others, including break up of a romantic relationship, loss of health, career changes, moving, changes in life space (i.e. empty nest), or even losses that we incur in childhood through abuse or neglect. 

These losses can go unattended for years from the belief that many of us have heard... "time will heal our wounds." The sad truth is that time by itself does nothing to create emotional healing. 

Grief Recovery Method® Workshops are not counseling or therapy. The workshops are designed to give you the tools, the action plan, and the safety required to complete your grief. You are well worth it. 

Recovery from grief is possible. 

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